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you r here

You R Here is an interactive playground. The giant climbable pin in the sand stating "YOU ARE HERE!" is a play on map based way finding and sharing pin locations on your smart phone in the default world, as well as a shining beacon in the multiverse of Burning Man.

You are at Burning Man at dusk on your trusty steed, galloping through the multiverse of deep playa. In the distance you see a brightly lit red arrow floating above the sand. As you pass into the next dimension you can make out words glowing on its surface saying "You Are Here!" You approach and notice the surrounding platform glowing green, an oasis in the desert. Upon further inspection you see strange playground equipment, as you jump on everything suddenly lights up, reacting to you in different ways.

Everything in YRH is climbable, rideable, spin-able, and most importantly dance-able. LEDs throughout react to participation and that participation generates the power for the lights. As you swing beneath the giant pin, lights below follow your motion; as you spin on the merry-go-round lights intensify and change color; as you teeter-totter back and forth your seats bounce color to and fro; and as you rip down the slide from the top of the pin, lights to either side follow you down.

YRH is less a distinct work of art and more of a continuously evolving play-scape. Playground equipment is a universal language of play that many of us grew up with. How many times have you gone to the park as an "adult" and found yourself climbing on the monkey bars or rocking in a swing? The choice to create this kind of scape was to ensure that burners will intuitively know how to interact with YRH at a base level, which will then facilitate the discovery of the other interactive components.

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